петък, 1 април 2016 г.

Custom made suit

Let’s face it: no ready-to-wear shirt will perfectly fit your unique body shape. Only a custom tailored shirt can do the job right. The shirt is the foundation on which the rest of the suit will build up on, making it a worthwhile investment. Get this part right and you already starting off strong.

The fabric, style and fit are the major components to a suit or outfit, and are crucial when it comes to shirts. With a custom shirt all of these aspects are under your control. Skip the frustration of never finding something just right, like of the sleeves being either too long or too short, or being too small or too large in all the wrong places. Not only the fit, but the design can be completely your own. Pick the style of the collar, the cuffs, the fabric material and pattern. The opportunities are endless and at your fingertips, and can be as detail-oriented or as simple as you wish.

If not for yourself, the shirt is a perfect gift idea. Knowing exactly what someone without asking is impossible, and a custom shirt, designed for and by the person, can never go wrong. Give it for Christmas, Valentine’s, or Father’s Day.

Custom clothing has never been available to the public until this decade. Take part in something that used to be only for the top ranks!

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